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Cos&FX has quickly become the "go-to" magazine for cosplayers both noob and experienced to find their muse and to get tips and tricks for their own make up and costumes.

We offer advertise rates much lower than you'd expect. For less than the entrance cost of the average convention, you can grab ad space to reach thousands of cosplayers.

Your advertising in our magazine will put your product or service right in front of the exact audience who desire your business. Consider the Cos&FX audience the most targeted group you could find. These are your people and even if they don't buy from you right away, the more they see your name the better. That kind of repetition ensures that when they DO need your business, you'll be the provider they look for.

Submitting your ad is easy, first you need to order the ad via PayPal to secure your spot:
Ad Size
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Next, you've got a choice, design your own ad or let us do it. We don't charge for ad design, just send the info you want in the ad and an image or two to: If you're going to design your own, here's the appropriate specs:
Black & White Business Card: 3.5"w x 2"h (horizontal)
Color Eighth Screen: 3.75"w x 4.75"h (vertical)
Color Quarter Screen: 8"w x 4.75"h (horizontal)
Color Half Screen: 8"w x 10.125"h (vertical)
Color Full Screen: 16.5"w x 10.125"h (horizontal)

*All images must be 150 - 300 dpi in size and e-mailed as a .jpg file to: Deadline for art is the 20th of the prior month to publication.
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